Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mine Holly*Day Shopping Mall

Click here to visit mine Holly Day Shopping MallDear CB Furriends,
The Holly*Days are almost here, it's jus a couple of weeks till ChrissyMouse. 

Mommy ML was looking at ours stuff and realized our favorite fings wasn't bought at stores. Effurryfing comes from our furriends on The Cat Blogosphere.We love these fings and so do the other cats and critters. 

Akshully, mine Holly*Days Shopping Mall is just a fancy list wif links to the bloggie or website where tha ackshul shopping an ordering will happen.

Iffen you's interested in participating, just leaf a comment here or email me wif tha following info:
  • tha item(s) fur sale
  • a few words describing the item(s)
  • the URL where the stuff can be looked at an purchased

 Fanks fur stopping by and we hope you haf a wonderful Holly*Day Season.
Love & Purrs,
Click here to visit mine Holly Day Shopping Mall


Cats of Wildcat Woods Vintage Treasures said...

Thank you for listing us!

We have jewelry, cool things for the home, books and more - some new and some vintage!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

I know you haf cool stuff, Wildcat Woods Cats! We buyed lots and lots of cool stuffs from you last year.
It made great presents, effurryone that gotted them were so happy!
Love & Purrs,

Cat said...

Wow KC what a lot of great shops here!!! Thank you so much for letting all of us know about these :-)

Takie said...

Wow that is really great! Thank you for sharing an ideas its truly helpful.

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Unknown said...

Haha this is great. Do you shop at Bell - Harvest Hills Crossing ever, little kitty?

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